Fall Themed Sublimation Mystery Box

Fall Themed Sublimation Mystery Box

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Want a wide selection of sublimation prints for your customers at a super discount? Grab a Themed Mystery Box! Each box will contain prints themed for the season. To offer a max amount of designs and the best value to you, we theme by the season not by a holiday.

10 Pack ($1.00 each)- will contain 8 sublimation prints and 2 fluorescent glow* sublimation prints

20 Pack ($0.90 each)- will contain 16 sublimation prints and 4 fluorescent glow* sublimation prints

50 Pack ($0.80 each)- will contain 40 sublimation prints and 10 fluorescent glow* sublimation prints

*Sublimation transfers are 8"x10.5" It is recommended to upgrade to the 12" prints for shirts 2XL+, sweatshirts and hoodies. Final print size is determined by the design (a rectangle design may print as 12"x9" or a square design will be printed as 12"x12").

**Please see the Fluorescent Glow Sublimation transfers for more information on them. You can find it here: https://www.southernsassvinyl.com/products/fluorescent-glow-sublimation-transfers-ready-to-press-transfer